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Celtic Crosses & Celtic Artwork

Celtic Stone Art is a manufacturing company of quality Celtic crosses and decorative art. We draw on knotwork interlace and other ancient symbols in producing our unique designs.
We cast each piece from concrete using original moulds designed by our artists. Then every individual work of art is textured and finished by hand with blended pigments. An all-weather seal is added, providing further durability for these items ensuring they will lend enduring charm to your home or garden.
Suitable as gifts for yourself, your friends and family members, these quality pieces are lasting mementos and may become treasured heirlooms. As a continuing legacy these pieces can form a sense of family identity and complete the continuum between the distant past and the modern age.

Our Celtic Stone Art craftsmen recreate the feeling of ages old mystical art with the beautiful patina of antiquity and the modern stability of weather-sealed stone. We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and ship anywhere in the world.

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